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'My Bloody Valentine 3-D' Star Edi Gathegi Talks Naked Co-Star, Dating Guidelines

'I'm a gentleman! I really couldn't have a look at her,' the 'Twilight' star states of shooting with a Betsy that is nude Rue.

SANTA MONICA, California — He turns up in the MTV studios alone, desperate to share "[movie ]Twilight[/movie]" gossip although we put up the digital cameras. After the red light happens, he peppers laughs, sarcasm to his answers while the revelation which he has all their other vampires in the mobile phone — yup, even [movieperson ]RPattz[/movieperson].

[movieperson ]Edi Gathegi[/movieperson] might be a box-office celebrity and something of the most extremely character that is suddenly in-demand on the market, but the majority importantly, he could be every bit as good some guy while you'd hope.

Today, Gathegi is playing one of many feasible suspects into the fun-loving, bloody whodunit movie "My Bloody Valentine 3-D," which hit theaters Friday (January 16). We sat down with Edi to fairly share waving things during the digital camera, the curse to be a black man in a horror movie and what to tell a naked girl you may not be having a sex scene with.

MTV: So Edi, inform us in regards to the "[movie ]Bloody Valentine[/movie]" plot.

Edi Gathegi: It is a remake associated with the 1980s film "My Bloody Valentine." In a small-town community, there is a miner who has got lost their brain, and then he's making the rounds chopping people up.