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How can the fractured unity between Catholics and Orthodox Christians be solved regarding the question of when to commemorate today of most days in the Christian calendar?

National Catholic Register Information

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Illarion Pryanishnikov, “Easter Procession”, 1893 (photo Public Domain / Public Domain)

Deacon Jeffrey Mierzejewski and their family usually celebrate Easter on two Sundays every year. This the deacon and his wife, Kseniya, and their four children celebrated Easter on April 4, and a month later they celebrated it on May 2 year.

Deacon Mierzejewski is just a user of a Byzantine Catholic community that meets at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, and Kseniya, who is Eastern Orthodox, attends the Divine Liturgy at a nearby church that is orthodox.

But after 35 many years of wedding, the Mierzejewskis have discovered through the compromises that spring from like to accommodate their traditions that are respective celebrating the Pascha (the Eastern Christian term for Easter).