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The edge that is painted of side mirror on another car recently scraped along side it of my vehicle, leaving a scuff of paint approximately half a meter long.

Exactly How should I eliminate a paint scuff on my vehicle?

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There isn't any indentation or scratch, but the other automobile left its mark behind in an exceedingly paint scuff that is difficult-to-remove.

I'm able to take it off by very carefully scraping with fingernails, as any paint-removing chemicals surely will damage the coat I don't want to remove so I am sure it will come off, but I'm not sure how best to fully remove it.

Exactly What would you suggest for removing paint scuffs similar to this?

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Whether or not it's deep enough that just wiping it generally does not take it off, the scuff is much deeper than simply ab muscles surface that is top of paint. First, try Meguiars Scratch-x with a microfiber fabric. Rub it in. Try 2 or 3 passes to see if this eliminates the scuff mark. Doing this by hand will not remove all of your paint unless its been compromised (cracked, flaking, peeling, etc).