clarksville the escort
clarksville the escort

A dating service for men with “small penises” just launched, and in the event that you thought it absolutely was a tale like author Kerri Sackville, sadly you’d be mistaken.

Once I woke up today to a contact during my inbox about a dating internet site for males with tiny penises, we went back once again to rest.

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We hoped once I woke up so it would all be a p r fantasy, but alas, it had been not. It had been nevertheless here once I l ked once more, it really is real time at this time on the web, and really, We don’t wish to date in this world any longer.

Dinky One is its name, and it's also billed as a “dating software for males having a little penis”. After all, I despair. If it is the better that the PR business can perform, then We also don’t want to see adverts these days anymore either.