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This is usually a chapter from "Introduction to Islam," by Cherif Bassiouni.

Islamic Civilization

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Because Islam originated and it has developed within an culture that is arab other cultures which have used Islam have tended become affected by Arab customs. Therefore Arab Muslim communities and other Muslims have actually social affinities, though every culture has preserved its identifying traits. Islamic tradition inherited a culture that is arab into the desert, simple but certainly not simplistic. This has a oral tradition based on the transmission of tradition through poetry and narrative. Nevertheless, it's been the written record that has had the impact that is greatest on civilization. Islam civilization is founded on the worthiness of training, which both the Qur'an and the Prophet stressed.

This dark green jade c king pot, 14 cm. (5ВЅ"), as s n as furnished the Safavid palace at Tabriz, and probably passed into Ottoman arms after the Battle of Г‡aldiran in 1514. Before that, the dragon-headed handle indicates it might have belonged to a Timurid ruler. (Aramco World Magazine, January-February 1995; photo Ergun Г‡agatay). Knowledge and Education

Into the Pre-Islamic period, one of the traditions had been compared to the mu'allaquat (literally "the hangings"). Into the town of Mecca, poets and authors would hang their writings for a certain wall surface in the city in order that others could find out about the virtues of the respective tribes.