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Son or daughter prostitution is defined by the UN as "the work of engaging or offering the solutions of a kid to do acts that are sexual money or other consideration with this person or other person".

By 1990, worldwide understanding of the commercial exploitation that is sexual the purchase of young ones had grown to such an amount that the un Commission on Human Rights decided to appoint A unique Rapporteur regarding the purchase of young ones, youngster prostitution and son or daughter pornography.

Listed here is a listing of the five nations with all the greatest prices of youngster prostitution.

Sri Lanka

The sheer number of crimes against young ones in Sri Lanka increased by 64per cent in 2012 , set alongside the past 12 months, a Unicef report stated.

" According to Unicef and ILO [International Labour organization] you will find 40,000 kid prostitutes in Sri Lanka and 6.4percent associated with the nation's youngster populace gets pregnant," stated United nationwide Party MP Rosy Senanayake.


Although girls are intimately exploited both in the intercourse industry and also by intercourse tourists, many NGOs think that it's males whom face greater punishment by international intercourse offenders, NGO Ecpact (Ending Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking) said.

The plantation sector has been identified as a notorious area for trafficking of children into the worst forms of child labour, particularly child domestic work and commercial sexual exploitation, according to ILO in Sri Lanka.

The nationwide Child Protection Authority issued a caution last year of a rise in kid intimate exploitation, linked to the quick development of tourism.


Youngster prostitution in Thailand involved 800,000 young ones beneath the chronilogical age of sixteen in 2004.

Relating to Ecpat, as a result of the concealed nature of youngster abuse that is sexual numbers are difficult to compile and situations hard to report.