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SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (CNN) -- The outbreak of war appeared like a laugh to Jasmina, then simply 19 yrs old.

She dreamed to be an economist and states she played along with her toddler son and infant child as though these were toys.

Jasmina states she ended up being raped over and over repeatedly throughout the guideline of Radovan Karadzic: " Every time we had been raped."

However in April 1992, the Serb soldiers took over her town of Bijeljina, in northeast Bosnia near the edge with Serbia, and started to destroy, torture and terrorize the Muslims there in a brutal campaign of cultural cleansing.

"Whole families had been vanishing throughout the night. Often we're able to see their health when you look at the gardens, often not that," Jasmina said.

"The males from my loved ones had been beaten within the very very first day. . My mom simply disappeared. I never learned what happened."

Paramilitaries devoted to Arkan, the Serbian ultranationalist later on indicted for crimes against mankind, stumbled on your home Jasmina distributed to her spouse and extensive family members to find valuables and weapons. They started beating her husband, said Jasmina who asked CNN not to use her last name to protect her children when they found no guns.

"chances are they began torturing me personally. We destroyed awareness. I had been completely nude and covered in bloodstream, and my sister-in-law has also been naked and covered in bloodstream. once I woke up, . I knew I'd been raped, and my sister-in-law, too." In a large part, she was seen by her mother-in-law, keeping her kiddies and crying.

" That exact same time we had been locked within our household.

That has been the worst, the period that is worst of my life time. Which is whenever it began.

" Every time we had been raped.