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This wonderful Irish baby title comes to us from cats, and specially through the famous, and ancient, Irish poem Pangur-Ban, that has been published by a monk about their beloved white feline.


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The word "ban" means "white," in Gaelic. The poem is translated by many scholars through the years, including poet W.H. Auden and also the late, august Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

However the true title normally great for an infant for another explanation. The legend associated with the monk and their cat that is cherished has adapted into an acclaimed children's image b k, that is created for presch l-aged kiddies. Pangur-Ban also features into the 2009 children's film The trick of Kells. So in summary, the true name is charming as all get-out all the way throughout the board.

It's also really uncommon Nameberry doesn't have any stats onto it. So that as far as "haunting" goes, what ghost can be a lot better than the ghost of an angelic cat that is white?


There in fact is something to a true title, or a phrase, that's just straight-up stunning to know, whether it indicates such a thing profound or not. That is the logic behind the famous "cellar d r" philosophy of linguistics, anyhow — and there's lots of truth to it.

"L" names have a tendency to be particularly gorgeous and lilting, mostly as a result of L's fluidity and effortlessly transitional quality as a sound. The title "Lilia" is not all that unusual. Though it's not popular in the usa, Nameberry shows it once the 270th most name that is popular Germany at the time of 2016, and also the 399th most well known name in England, additionally as of 2016.

Lilia (or Lillia, in the event that you will) is really a flower title. It comes down from "Lily," and its particular more well-known (and equally stunning) variants, like Liliana, Lalaina, and also the traditional Lillian, are more or less household names.