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China, Russia, and Uzbekistan are called among the list of worst offenders when it comes to peoples trafficking, based on circumstances Department report released Wednesday, joining Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, and Zimbabwe in the bottom "tier" of the U.S. human trafficking rank.

Their lower designation means the U.S. may sanction those nations with measures like cancelling non-humanitarian and armed forces support, ending exchange visits for government officials, and voting against any IMF or World Bank loans.

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Asia, Russia, and Uzbekistan had formerly been regarding the "Tier 2 Watch List," a middling designation for countries that reveal small progress in making strides in preventing forced labor. The State Department was obligated to either promote or downgrade them because they had been on the "Watch List" for four years.

In Asia, the one-child policy and a social choice for male kids perpetuates the trafficking of brides and prostitutes.

" throughout the year, Chinese sex trafficking victims had been reported on all of the inhabited continents," the report discovered. "Traffickers recruited girls and women, usually from rural regions of Asia, utilizing a mixture of fraudulent task provides, imposition of big travel charges, and threats of physical or economic harm, to have and maintain their service in prostitution."