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Leave the shirt that is hawaiian house if you should be headed to these countries.

This marks exactly 50 years since the book The Ugly American hit the shelves, and yet those who call the United States home still can't shake that damaging, albeit often fair, reputation year.

And us a bad rap, there are still plenty of people who spot a U.S. tourist abroad and can't help but shake their heads while it may be just a few Americans who give the rest of.

So, where on the planet are our Hawaiian shirts and patriotism that is unparalleled us stand out like sore thumbs? Continue reading for a directory of 20 countries that roll their eyes at U.S. tourists. And for more on our not-so-friendly foreign habits, check out these 30 Things Americans Do That Foreigners Think Are Super Weird.

Australia hosts a selection of indigenous animal species, lots of which drive the united states's tourism. One in certain may be the furry, herbivorous koala. The issue? People in the us want to call them koala bears. Nonetheless, warns one Australian, "I discover the most annoying thing that [Americans] do in Australia is to phone our wonderful koala by the incorrect name. USUALLY DO NOT include 'bear' to your title. Its simply a koala." And for more travel recommendations, discover these 15 Jaw-Dropping AirBnBs from Around the entire world That Won't Break the Bank.