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A learning journey of the city-slicker dreaming to call home off the land whenever you can, attempting my hand at growing just as much f d as you can for a regular city plot.

Going Down Da Grid, Janice

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City Farm into the making with a lot of pictures!

New Year's Plans, Goals & Aspirations

Tim surely could dig and grow the Kyohou Grape vine into the front side garden this weekend! (photos to come) Yaaaaay. This has been a lengthy awaited event and I'm therefore happy he did which means this weekend while the weather has been Meridian backpage female escort EXTREMELY HOT the 2009 week, and I'm afraid if this keeps up, the w ds will break dormancy. Now we can breath a quick sigh of relief as this grape can grow to it is prospective this present year and hopefully make a decent crop. ( And maybe we can make grape juice or. even wine! Wine-making. sheesh. another task by itself!)

I am thinking about what I would like to attempt 12 months in 2012.