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recon przejrze?

My toilet seat is l se, and I think requires rubber that is new at the program between the bowl as well as the hinges.

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every time we retighten the hinge screws they work l se once more in just a matter of times. I might simply unscrew it all, nevertheless the toilet bowl is wholly sealed to your wall, enclosing whatever pea nuts or other receptacle the screws screw into. I am concerned that when We just take the screws out completely to suit washers that are new the nuts might fall far from the underside associated with the bowl necessitating a plumber call out to unmount the bowl from the wall.

To sum up, i will be asking just what it's that the toilet seat hinge screws screw into, if I'm able to properly unscrew and rescrew those screws, without having usage of the lower of this toilet bowl.

they screw into synthetic nuts that are in the underside associated with lavatory. you will many likely need a screwdriver. it takes merely a few minutes and is truly very easy to do. you can unscrew the nut completely from the bolt to remove the chair & replace, should you desire. new lavatory seats have their very own peanuts and bolts.

reach underneath, realize that bolt and hold it in position when you tighten the top part.