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You can find time we wonder exactly exactly what it could be like if we nevertheless lived further away.

What exactly is a Mono/Poly Relationship?

A Mono/Poly relationship is when one partner is monogamous together with other is polyamorous. Polyamory means having one than more love. I will be monogamous by option to a person that is "poly". I will be 1 of 2 main partners, one other is their spouse of 33 years. This woman is additionally monogamous to him by choice.

Let us get some good questions taken care of:

ARE YOU NUTS. No I'm perhaps perhaps perhaps not nuts. I'm in love with an incredible and wonderful guy, whom treats me personally beautifully. I will be happier than I ever have been around in any one of my previous relationships that are monogamous.

ISN'T IT COMPLEX SHARING HIM. I have never ever been jealous of their spouse, but also for 3 1/2 years it absolutely was quite difficult and I also had jealousy that is morbid of anybody he wanted to date. Intellectually it all made sense to me personally, but my heart did not desire to hear just exactly exactly what my intellect had been telling me personally.